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Why US rear view camera in mirror?

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Can someone tell me why the rearview camera is located in the mirror instead of the central display in the US? Is it by law? In the Netherlands it is located in the central display, seems a bit more logical to me.

And I read a lot about aftermarket radio's, what's the standard equipment look like? Is it really that crapy?

So many questions....:wink2:
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there is no law. I had a tundra and the video was in the main head unit display. there are mods you can do the force the camera into the main display.
Just a design choice by the folks over at Toyota. Guess it's based upon the fact that's where you traditionally look when reversing. There is no denying that U.S owners lost out by not being offered the JBL package that was offered in the UK.
They use the older H/U, they altered our dash to accommodate that length of that H/U. In the NA version behind the radio face the rear extends out under a larger cover on top of the dash rather than the thin radio face with much smaller back cover on the other versions.


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I meant to also say with the differences in the cost to alter the dash and put a reverse screen in the mirror rather than in the stereo unit, you would have thought they would have made it more universal for costs. go figure.
Maybe one day it'll be universal if rear view cameras are required to be a standard feature in all cars. I think in the united States, all cars are legally required to come with rear view cameras as standard no matter the trim.
my father has the Cadillac CT6... the entire rear view mirror lights up with a panaramic rear camera... its pretty darn sharp!!! You can flip it up and have it on full time while driving, or flip it down for reverse use online.
The cheapest model C-HR here have only radio/CD, no navigation and no rear camera. It rolls on 17inch steelies.
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