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Wheels, Rims and all other alloys..

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Im try to find out what sizes will fit the C-HR.

Original sizes :

Diameter : 17"
Width : 6.5J
Offset (ET) : 45
Tires : 215-60-17


Diameter : 18"
Width : 7J
Offset (ET) : 50
Tires : 225-50-18

More info here :

See here a CH-r on 20" with 245-40-20 !!

Because of the low width and high offset its hard to find something that will fit inside the body like original. Most 18" are 8J or 8.5J and with offset of 40-45 so the wheel will stick out.

Can someone do some measurements to see how much space there is between tire and fender?

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They are 20inch, 8.5J and offset 45 they told me.

Sites with calculators will give a good indication but dont tell if it really fits.
Wheels or tires that stick out too much will affect the handling of the car too. In some country not even allowed.
Bij 225/50/18 en voorwielen;
Bovenkant band tot onderkant wielkast is 7,5 cm, buitenkant band binnenkant wielkast 0 cm. (De band zit midden onder de plastic wielkast rand)
Thanx. It tells there is almost no space for wider wheels.
Are you looking for wider wheels or just something that looks different than stock and size isn't too important?
Not especially wider. My C-HR have to be different and want to know which specs the wheels need to have.
Like to use other original Toyota or Lexus wheels above aftermarket.
Bijna alle C-HRs in NL lijken op elkaar daar om heb ik ook voor andere velgen gekozen.
Ik heb de 18" multspokes van Toyota er onder liggen in helemaal zilver.
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staat hem echt goed, helaas zijn de bi-tone velgen er niet in zilver.
Maar het idee om ze zilver te spuiten was ook al in me opgekomen.

The multispoke wheel in silver exist.. the 18" of the bi-tone is not.
The idea to make the original wheels silver crossed my mind also.
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