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I have recently bought a SEICANE stereo, and the thing they sent me doesn't fit as the back is too thick, and i am currently filing a dispute with PayPal as they are refusing to collect it and want me to send it back to China (Where they will say they never received it, fallen for that scam before over a dash cam).

So i am now fed up and looking for an OEM Stereo with Apple Carplay from Scrap dealers or ebay, but i need to know the model numbers as they don't know if it has it, they just take the cars apart and sell the parts.

Any help greatly apreciated.

I am in the UK and i own a 2017 C-HR and i love it, apart from the rubbish stereo, but one with Carplay will give me everything i need.

Pic below is the Rubbish stereo from Seicane (Chinese junk) which is too thick on the top to fit in the Stereo dash, that and the harness doesn't have connections for everything i told them i wanted (See pic 2 of 4 wires left over)



These 4 cables were left after i connected others to harness, and i had no reverse camera, no usb, no DAB.

DO NOT BUY SEICANE Stereo's, they send junk.
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