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Vibration when foot is on the brake in drive mode while stopped

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Hello. When I am in drive and waiting at a stop light with my foot on the brake the car begins to vibrate rather heavy. I usually put my hand on the passenger seat and feel the heavy vibration. It’s not the air conditioner because it’s not on. When I begin to drive again by giving it gas it completely stops. It’s only at a complete stop with my foot on the brake and transmission in drive. Is not a performance issue because the car never does anything bad but it’s really just a noticeable vibration when stopped and in gear. Does anyone know this issue or could help? Thank you so much . BTW I have heard someone say a vacuum leak . If so please help me understand where and what😊
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It's hard to say. My car vibrates a bit where I can see my empty passenger seat vibrate subtly. But it's certainly not enough for me to feel or notice.

A vacuum leak would normally throw a check engine light as there will be uncontrolled air entering the system which the computer can't account for. Only way to really check for a vacuum leak is with a smoke machine introduced somewhere into the system. But again, I don't think it's a vacuum leak.

Without having the car physically in front of me, I can't speculate as to what is the issue. Putting a scan tool on the car might help figure out if the engine idle is off compared to what the computer is requesting. Can also see if there are any misfires being detected. It can also be something mechanical such as a bad/worn motor mount.
If yours happens when you are applying the brake and stopped like at a stop light then it’s the same as mine because I to use my passenger seat to sense it. I can look at it too but I tend to put my hand on it. Must be a issue with them all because it was like this from the beginning I just never felt it as much at first
Whats the rpm doing? I'm guessing when you brake, the rpm crawls and that shaking is from that
Whats the rpm doing? I'm guessing when you brake, the rpm crawls and that shaking is from that
The rpm didn’t jump around. The vibration is not from the engine it’s something from an additional pump or motor to run something else. Is very similar vibration to when the air conditioner is on and a motor kicks on and off when I’m in park with engine running.
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