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Vibrating chr

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i had just driven for 5/6 miles and stopped for break. We didn't get out of the car but turned it of. After about 2 mins the car started to vibrate for about 10 seconds. It then did it twice more about 3 mins apart. Any ideas what it is
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Possibly, what you mean by "vibrating" it is quite usual in C-HR: a couple of minutes after turning on engine, the fuel system need to "warm up" a bit, as well as the hybrid batteries itself need to run on... So, maybe this a possible explanation for what you mean by "vibration", and, if it's that, there's no problem about that. Keep calm ;-)
I thinks it is nothing else then the ICE turning on to prevent low battery state... I had the same question as a new hybrid driver, and because of the lack of a revmeter it doesn't link to the engine (it's soooo quiet...).
If it happens again jus step out of the car and listen...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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