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Vent Visor / Rain deflectors - any issues?

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Thinking about getting some for the C-HR, but have heard there are issues with the "in-channel" type that is only available for the C-HR at this time.

I have had a tree fell on my 2010 Rav4 and it only broke the driver side vent visor. The RAV4 had the stick-on type. It was not that hard to replace - just patience to get the adhesive tape/foam off of it. I replaced it with the same type.

Some of the issues I have heard was it interfered with the window or some other window issue.
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I have the weathertechs. They worked out fine... Albeit, perhaps a little noisy. Maybe they all do that, I don't know for sure. I just tinted the windows so I had to remove them temporarily and it seems much quieter at the moment... I may not put them back in?
I think there may be stick on ones on Amazon, but that's always a gamble IMO and Weather tech is the more trusted source.
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