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Upgrade radio and get remote starter

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Hey folks. Brand new here. Looking to upgrade my radio to something with GPS and AppleCarPlay. Suggestions? Can Toyota do the install? Also looking for a remote starter. Same questions for that. TIA
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I'm still waiting to figure out which head unit I'm going to get for my ride... There is alot of advice thru out this forum but, I'm not certain that the steering wheel controls have been worked out for sure...
Honestly, I was really annoyed at the oem unit at first but I've grown fairly content with it as I usually just shuffle 100000 songs from a thumb drive.
The remote start issue we have some info available here...
Hopefully that'll help and if you have any questions just let us know!
Still waiting for idatalink maestro to support CHR... :(

Already got the headunit and all things ready too... (I went with a kenwood unit that have wired android auto).
A word of warning...CarPlay completely takes over your phone. I replaced mine with a head unit that had CarPlay and I hated it. Couldn't access Spotify playlists on my phone and it only allowed limited access to Spotify playlists and searches on the screen. I returned it after a few days and got a different one without CarPlay. I get the safety aspect of CarPlay, but when my passenger can't even use the phone to access playlists, it sucks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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