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Trying to Change the Minds

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Hiroyuki Koba said "We are looking for customers who disliked Toyota before. We want to turn their heads."

"If you like it, you love it. If you don't like it, yu never will"

Expecting to sell 170,000 units a year globally.

Do you think this will be changing the minds of others that for example have had loyalty towards the CR-V and vehicles of the like ?
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They can and it comes back to that whole idea of Toyota is boring, the Rav4 played a role in that and finally this is Toyota's chance to play in the same field the HRV does... and we all know how well the HRV does. If the HRV is any indication of how CH-R sales will play out then Toyota will be easily in the green.
The HRV is certainly more pedestrian looking compared to the C-HR, but there are some who likes that look. I think Toyota is more likely to draw in buyers from the more unique looking models who are already used to looking at a body outside of the norm.
The C-HR is life a breath of new life. The HRV is definitely very mild and tamed looking compared to the C-HR
I think cars designs in general are getting more and more aggressive with sharper lines and whatnot. The C-HR could be start of a new trend for manufacturers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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