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Toyota C-HR Test Drive

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Marek Drives posted a test drive and review on the Toyota C-HR.

"It's dark in the back" considering that high door handle so the panel really takes up a lot of space.

Drive modes are hidden away in the menu.

One thing I didn't know was that they have an auto-blip for the manual transmission that they call IMT. That's pretty cool.

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Yea, the rear passenger seats aren't the best if you take into account the reduced lighting, average leg room and headroom. But the C-HR was designed more for singles and people with a two person household so it's fine. Gotta love the abundance of diamonds everywhere, brings the cabin together and it's even on the roof!
Like really... everywhere. Plastic panels, door inserts, headliner lol. I wonder if there will be an easter egg somewhere in there :eek:
Toyota's Intelligent Manual Transmission (i-MT) comes standard on HiLux SR5 Turbo-diesel manual models. I'm guessing that it's not a feature in petrol models yet, so those in North America may not get it at all since diesel crossovers just aren't that popular here.
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