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Toyota’s Scion brand no longer exists and the crossover that was originally meant for its lineup has since switched badges, but Automotive News still thinks the Scion spirit still lives on in the C-HR.

First seen at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show as a coupe-high rider concept car, the production model still embodies Scion’s mission to provide buyers with a stylish vehicle at an affordable price. Mainly targeting millennials, the C-HR will be sold in two affordable and well equipped trims: XLE and XLE Premium.

The XLE trim starts at $23,460, including shipping costs and it features a safety package with automatic emergency braking, lane-departure alert with steering assist, and radar cruise control.

A step up is the $25,310 XLE Premium trim, which comes an additional set of fog lights, auto-folding mirrors, power lumbar supports and blind-spot monitoring. To make the C-HR more appealing, shoppers can opt for a two-tone body paint with a white roof and mirrors for an additional $500.

Some may wonder how Toyota can afford to sell the C-HR at such a low price. Well that’s because the C-HR doesn’t have a lot of options their more expensive models offer such as leather upholstery, sunroof, etc, and there’s no integrated navigation.

Still, there’s plenty of standard equipment to make up for what it lacks and Toyota is expecting to sell 30,000 units by the end of 2017 and 60,000 in 2018.

Another nod to the axed brand is the C-HR’s driving experience. While none of the vehicles under the Scion brand were particularly fast, they did feel sporty and the same can be said of the C-HR with its double-wishbone rear suspension and Toyota New Global Architecture underpinnings. The low center of gravity gives derivers confidence when the car is being thrown around back roads and curves.

The C-HR may be sporting a Toyota badge, but it still carries the Scion spirit.

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From what I heard, Scion was hit or miss when it comes to drive feel and how fun they are. The Scion iM was said to be boring but the iA was a great car for what you're paying. The C-HR hybrid should be more similar to the latter.
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