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Toyota C-HR SpyShot

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A French site recently released a spy shot of the Toyota C-HR. It looks like the production model with all that camouflage and it was spotted in Belgium.

Looks like a normal four door compact crossover but we'll see the full reveal soon at the Geneva Motor Show.

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They are disguising the shape of the back end quite a bit which means that they are keeping the shape a mystery. It could be "normal" or it could be more like the concept version.
Has me thinking it will be sized like a Mercedes GLA, and those are out in good numbers, anyone who has a chance to see one, should.
Here are some more spy coverage:

Great way to get a sense of the proportions we can expect to see on the production model.
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Looks like it could have the Scion iM nose. Not sure how I feel about that.

They really are covering up the back. The back was so interesting with the concept. The fact that they are covering it is probably just going to be a let down because the trunk will probably just be a run of the mill regular trunk having nothing to do with the concept's rear end.
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The trunk looks like it's going to jut out a bit instead of being flat like the Scion iM. Still going to be a let down if you want it to look like the concept model.
That's what i'm seeing as well, with a rear windshield that sits slightly back with an overhang, like the concept, i can see it coming together on that test mule. You can sort of see where one line connects, going up right past the fuel door.
The wheels are a lot smaller to compared to the concept design or at least the wheel wells look smaller to me.
Well that's how it always is from concept to production, ALWAYS. We're not getting anything bigger than an 18 and I think there's a good chance it will start out as a 16.
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