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Toyota C-HR Production is Underway

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The lines are rolling and the Toyota C-HR will be arriving soon. To UK members at least.

The first UK customer deliveries are to be expected by January 2017.
Built in Turkey, with hybrid engines supplied by the company’s Deeside engine plant in North Wales, the transmissions are from Poland. Toyota says it has invested an additional £7.1 million in Toyota Manufacturing UK’s operations to bring the hybrid engine into production.
Via: Toyota starts production of new C-HR Crossover ? New Car Net

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I don't mind the UK customers getting first dibs, they'll essentially be beta testing the C-HR for the rest of the world. There's bound to be a few kinks Toyota still needs to work out of the C-HR and I'd rather not be the guinea pig.
My thoughts exactly.

I never liked buying a vehicle fresh and brand new from first year production anyhow. Let majority of the TSBs and what not come out, and then I'll look into grabbing one. Check out build qualities and all of that stuff.
Speaking of build quality, has the C-hr crash test ratings been released yet? I assume it has to pass the European crash test before going into production.
I personally haven't seen anything come out yet. I don't even think they have safety ratings or anything else out.

Actually quite interested to see how it fares. Really don't see it being anything less than satisfactory though.
Won't be surprised to see it score excellent in every category, except for maybe pedestrian safety. The front design is quite pointy and angular.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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