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Toyota C-HR Limited Edition

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It has only been three months since Toyota launched their new C-HR in the UK and the automaker as already released a limited edition.

Only available to those in the UK, the C-HR Limited Edition will have a starting price of £29,995 (around $37,644) and only 100 units will be produced. No doubt, all 100 cars will be sold in no time and a higher spec model may replace it later on.

Powered exclusively by a 120 hp 1.8 litre petrol electric hybrid powertrain, Toyota distinguishes its exterior from the standard models by giving the body a coat of Metal Stream bi-tone exterior paint, a set of 18" matte black alloy wheels, chrome side sills and diamond-shaped Limited Edition badging on the center pillars.

Inside, there’s bespoke leather upholstery with dark violet trim, a Limited Edition badge on the dash and a JBL sound system complete with 9 speakers and an 8-channel, 576-Watt amplifier.

Of course, it’ll also come with everything the standard C-HR Dynamic trim has to offer, meaning LED headlights, folding side mirrors, parking sensors, light blue ambient lighting as well as an anodised blue decoration line and more.

The Toyota C-HR Limited Edition is available now, so those who are interested should visit your local dealership soon.
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This is a great sign of whats to come because if they can do this so soon then odds are we'll see something far better maybe into 6-8 months in before the 2nd MY launches.

Personally i want them to launch a sportier TRD trim. If Nissan can have a Nismo Juke then we can have a TRD CH-R
The limited version was also introduced in Denmark, a few months before the actual launch of the car.

You could find countdowns all around Copenhagen, and it didn't say it was for the Toyota C-HR. When the timer hit 0, it showed the new C-HR, and allowed people to pre-order it from a special website.
It was quite a show actually :)

With that being said, it's a very well equipped version of the C-HR. Leather seats, lights in the mirrors that displays the Toyota C-HR logo on the ground, and of course all the other mentioned equipment.
Great sign of whats to come? They didn't do anything to it and essentially added a bunch more money. They gave it a few badges and leather interior.
It really depends on the buyer. I can't see myself going for the limited edition just for the leather and audio system, especially at such a high premium compared to the base model or even the highest trim available.
It doesn't look that great in real life to me, definitely not worth the extra cost but it may be someone else's cup of tea. One of them seems to be circulating showrooms.

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I'm sure we should see a member pop up on here that has bought one of these
In Germany they have 300pcs. of "Ampya Edition". Leather seats, black wheels and badge..

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