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Toyota C-HR Launched In Japan

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Toyota launched the new C-HR in their own backyard yesterday and they are now available at dealerships in Japan.

Even though the C-HR shares the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) with the fourth-generation Prius, its driving performance has been enhanced to focus on the ideas of "Response, Linearity and Consistency”. To this end, Toyota has tuned the C-HR shock absorbers and test driven it on various roads around the world.

Customers in Japan can choose from four grades and two drive trains; S-T, G-T, S, and G. The basic variant starts at 2,516,400 yen ($21,847) and it’s equipped with a 1.2L turbo engine. Mated to a 7-speed sports sequential shiftmatic transmission, power is sent to all four wheels. Standard features found in every grade includes keyless entry and push-button start, leather steering wheel, electric parking brake and the Toyota Safety Sense P assist package.

For those who decide to go with either the G-T or the G, Toyota will throw in additional equipment like 18-inch aluminum wheels, LED front fog lamps, Blind Spot Monitor, Front & Rear Parking Assist Sonar, seat surface (high quality fabric + leather), and more. The 4WD G-T pricing will start at 2,775,600 ($24,097) and 2,905,200 ($25,222) for the G.

There’s only two engine options available, a 1.2-liter turbo and a hybrid powertrain. Both are so fuel efficient, 15.4 km/l (6.49 l/100 km / 36.24 mpg US) and 3.31 l/100 km (71.06 / mpg US) respectively, their ratings are 75% lower than the 2005 Exhaust Emissions Standards and eligible for tax breaks.

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All the nice paints are in Japan... Granted the Canadian site doesn't have a build page yet, but the UK one only has different shades of Grey, blue, white, black, brown, and red. Where's the green and yellow?
Around $25,222 for their top spec trim isn't bad, but it's two wheel drive and I prefer 4WD. That means anyone who wants a 4WD hybrid C-HR won't be able to get one.
Wonder why that is. It shouldn't be because of weight savings as the Toyota has made its hybrid system lighter, meaning more weight allowance for an AWD system. This has just made the decision for me as I'll be going with the AWD model.
At least they have options. The US is bound to only the 2.0L FWD. Seems like everyone else but the US market is getting the good versions and options, for now at least. Hopefully they'll send the other powertrain variants down here at some point.
The new C-HR could be our next vehicle to replace our 2012 Prius, provided it can be as environmentally friendly and at least match the mileage. May similar buyers expect that?
We need a larger displacement turbo awd version for North America that lends to the tuner crowd. If the chassis is as good as they say then why not? Yes it will bump the price but it will appeal to more buyers. Cheers
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