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As if the factory body isn’t sporty enough, Toyota’s Modellista design division and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has released two body kits each for the new C-HR.

Modellista’s Boost Impulse Style and Elegant Ice Style body kits are currently only available in Japan and they will give the C-HR an edgier look. Added to a yellow C-HR is the Boost Impulse Style kit which features a new V-shaped grille, front splitter, small strip of LEDs, side skirts, simulated diffuser, and rear spoiler. According to autoevolution, each of these components can be purchased separately or those interested can buy the front splitter, side skirts, and rear fascia in a set for 183,600 yen (around 1,566 USD) or 162,000 yen ($1,382) for the unpainted version.

As expected of a kit called Elegant Ice Style, this one tried to add a touch of sophistication with a front splitter, mirror caps, side skirts, and metallic trim. Again, these parts can be bought separately or in a package for 139,320 yen ($1,189) or 118,800 yen ($1,013) unpainted.

Then there’s TRD with an Extreme Style package. Taking inspiration from Toyota’s rally racing history, this kit comes with red mud flaps, blacked-out wheel-arch cladding, 16-inch alloy wheels, and faux metal front bash plate. Or maybe the Aggressive Style package is more to your taste with a large front bumper finisher, side skits, rear roof lip spoiler and a new rear diffuser.

Not only did they modify the exterior, TRD also added tyre pressure monitoring, push-button start, and something they call “control beam motion” which seems to be stabiliser struts installed to the front and rear suspension systems.

Which of these body kits peaks your fancy?

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