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Toyota C-HR 3 Engines

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2.0L Petrol
4 Cylinder
CVT transmission
(Only available in select markets)

1.8L Hybrid
4 Cylinder mated to an electric motor
Total 120hp
78.5mpg combined

1.2L Turbo Petrol
114hp and ~136ft-lb of torque
Six speed manual or CVT
*Will also be offered in FWD or AWD configurations
**Already available in the Prius

This information has been gathered from what has been unveiled at the Paris Auto Show 2016.
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Turbo petrol interests me the most since it presents the opportunity to tune it for more power, that can make a big difference since for all we know the 20-30 more torque/power from it might "correct" some bad spot along the power band.
Definitely. The turbo petrol engine has much more potential for lower cost. Something as simple as a tune and decat could really transform this performance wise.
It's really down to the fuel economy for me and how much each one costs. I'd go for the hybrid, but only if it's priced fairly compared to the petrol options. Runner up is the 2.0L Petrol if it's available in NA.
With the hybrid boasting 78.5mpg which is like 3L/100km. Phenomenal. Unfortunately we don't have mpg for the other two setups which is annoying
The fuel economy rating of the petrol C-HR will definitely be lower than the hybrid and maybe we can look at the Prius with the same engine for an idea of what the number could be? It won't be accurate but it'll give us an idea.
On the flip side you will save a lot from not having to buy a hybrid, and if you drive normally then even with the base engine you will get good mileage, surely better than what most people are driving around in right now.
That's another big thing. When you look at it generally compared to what you see on the roads now, the petrol version will still be high up there in terms of efficiency and fuel economy numbers. Comparing it to its own variants will obviously show a difference but the variants are for what will suit your needs.
If the hybrid is too pricey, I may as well use that price increase and put it towards the petrol variant's gas. Toyota needs to be on point when it comes to the 1.8L Hybrid's pricing. As much as I want to drive a hybrid, a large bump in cost would turn me away.
That's for sure, and a lot of people now aren't keeping vehicles for X amount of long-term years to the point where it'll "pay itself off" when it comes to gas savings either. The pricing definitely needs to be enticing enough to justify it.
I don't see the 2.0L Petrol on the C-HR price list. Does that mean it won't be available in the UK?
I guess not, that's probably why when I got the information it says for selected markets only. I guess it'll be NA bound ?
The 2.0L Petrol could be a NA only engine, maybe the original engines from the Paris show is just for the Europe market only. We'll still get them, but the 2.0L on top of that too.
There has been heavy speculation on the 2.0 with CVT coming to America and that's coming from sources like Car and Driver which are reputable enough. What helps too is looking where that same engine is offered elsewhere along Toyota's line up or where else they are projected to add it. But in just a couple days we will know all the details.
talked to the uk toyota dealer supplying my own and he informed me the 2.0 is not available in the uk and will probably not be.He called someone for me and they confirmed there is no immediate sales for the uk in the foreseeable future .which is crap as i'm getting the 1.2 turbo.Main reason manual gearbox hate autos.
At least you can make some minor modifications and get the same power if not more and still be more fuel efficient with that 1.2?
At least you can make some minor modifications and get the same power if not more and still be more fuel efficient with that 1.2?
I can not places url because I do not have enough posts, but in the UK is a company which have a power box for the C-HR with te 1.2 turbo engine.
The power goes from 114 Bhp(116hp) to 143 Bhp(145hp) and the torque goes from 185Nm (136lb-ft) to 231Nm (170lb-ft)
That's actually a very impressive bump in performance. How much does this box cost exactly?
That's actually a very impressive bump in performance. How much does this box cost exactly?
470 USD

More info see
This dyno sheet from that site does look extremely promising. The price on the other hand, mind blowing. I would've thought it would be in the $600ish range.

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