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The c pillar blind spot

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Still getting used to that blind spot.

Kind of wish they had put a camera under the passenger side mirror that displays an image in the dashboard screen when right hand signal is used.
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It takes sometime to get use to it, however, there is a way to make it easier. I had the same problem in my previous car, so I bought this blind spot mirror. It helps a lot and cost just a few bucks..
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Mirrors would be nice.... I've actually tried fitting a couple of different ones and haven't really been happy with them... They either take up too much mirror or look out of place when stuck on... Which mirror did you get and did it fit well?
My CHR have the option Blind Spot Monitor.. it warns you with a LED in the mirror if something is moving in that area.

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The blind spot monitor comes in the XLE Premium trim only for me, not as an option so if I want it I'd have to go up from the base model. Depends on everyone's budget and sometimes the dollar store mirror works out fine.
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