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Happy Monday everyone. Figured I'd share my experience with this since I haven't found it anywhere else for our vehicle after searching all morning.

I went to get in my car to go to work this morning. Put the key in the ignition, nothing. Realized I had left my foglights on from the night prior and the battery was completely dead. Wife pulls out her RAV4, we jump the C-HR, and get it started. However, I now have two system errors showing. The first of which is "Reduced Engine Power," and the second is "Brake Override Malfunction."

Essentially, the car is just sitting at an idle. Absolutely zero throttle response. I let the car sit and run hoping to charge the battery up, but the errors didn't go away. I've turned the car back off and on again multiple times, but the errors still don't go away.

Our user manual only has information for the braking error, which supposedly is triggered when the gas pedal and brake pedal are pressed at the same time. Nothing on how to reset it, and nothing on the reduced power error. Both messages on the gauge cluster panel just say to visit a dealer.

So, I've got an appointment at Wesley Chapel Toyota in an hour. Only problem is I have no clue how I'm going to get the car there other than selling my left nut for a tow. I'll keep this thread updated with whatever I find out.
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