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Switch back signal LED

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Hi all,

I want to install switchback LEDs in my front turn signals. This requires tapping the accessory. I would rather tap the DRL so that in white DRL mode they work with the existing DRL. Has anyone successfully done this?
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As far as I know, nobody has tried splicing switchback LED wires with the DRL so you're going to be the first one to do so if that's what you go for. Wish I could help, but electronic installs are beyond me.
Installed them today. I tapped of the red wire at the plug for the factory DRL and they work great. The amber is brighter than stock and the white is whiter that the stock tri DRL. I installed lasfit LED headlights earlier and now when my lights are on, the whole front is a beautiful bright white.
6 pin plug, green is drl , drl turn off when headlights on. Red wire on 6 pin is power with side marker lights on and headlights on but no power with light switch off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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