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I have a strange noise coming from the dashboard where it meets the steering wheel.
It is an electrical feedback/static sound, it sounds like the noise you get when you open a pair of shears. It is a high pitched electric squeak. It is a very intermittent noise ( I've only heard it 4 times since buying the car new, 6 months ago).
It is a 2020 CHR. The first time it made the noise was when it had only 500km on it. I heard it only 3 times since.
When it starts to squeak it happens every 10 seconds or so until you turn the car off.
When it starts to squeak, I've tried everything to make it stop. I've turned on/off everything that has a button in the car ( cruise control, heated wheel, radio etc)
It has happened on both the highway, and city streets.
I took it to Toyota, they kept it for 2 days, and drove it a lot and could not recreate the noise. They told me to come back when it got worse. Has anyone else had this happen, or have any suggestions?
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