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Sport or SUV Pack ?

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Which one will you be going for ??

The Sport package comes with a front skirt, side underrun, and a rear under guard.

The SUV pack comes with a front guard, rear under guard, and a side bar.

The photos are really tiny to add here to really show you guys the difference. It's on the configurator which looks to be like it's updated. (UK configurator)
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Most likely the SUV pack, I see no need for a front skirt and the front/rear guards with side bar seems more useful to me. But then again, neither of them are a necessity to me.

Would rather get a comfort pack with heated seats/steering wheel, better seats, etc.
Why only post two packs when there are so many to choose from? There's a protection pack, parking, pack etc. I'd go for the tech pack because of the blind sport monitor and heated side mirrors.
Only posted the two packs because they're the two exterior add-on packages for aesthetics. Wanted to which styling direction people would prefer, although subtle, still make a difference to the appearance overall.
Sport pack for sure since we'll have to wait a while to get any aero parts from the aftermarket. All we have are universal parts which take some work to get right, i'm not willing to go that direction or put in that level of work. That being said we should look out for TRD parts, this is one of those models that should be getting a decent selection,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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