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SMS messages on radio with an iPhone

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Hi, when I first got my C-HR, I had an Android phone and the radio would read out my text messages to me while driving. Now I've switched to an iPhone and this feature doesn't seem to work anymore. Can anyone tell me if they've got it to work with their iPhone or it just isn't supported on iPhones.
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Confirmed by the Toyota Rep at the C-HR event tonight, Apple will not let SMS message be read out by the radio.
FALSE!! Found out that in the bluetooth settings of your iPhone if you go to the paired vehicle, there is an option called "Show Notifications" which will make the radio read out to you the text messages when driving and show them to you when you are stopped.


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I quickly found that I was more tech savvy than the people at the dealership and set up there info system for audible google maps on a test drive. The thing I don't understand is that after months of ownership I was surprised while driving one day for the system to start reading out my text message to me. This was the first and the last time it ever did so. I will check the notifications settings on my phone (Android).
I assume the same applies for Android so long as the notification setting it on, though depending on the phone it's on an app by app basis. This is why forums are so great!
That's some great sleuthing work maxou723!
I use an app called "DRIVEMODE" on my android and it reads texts out loud via the radio. Also reads Whatapp messages as well. I do set it to auto-reply to any text/whatsapp message while I am driving and I am not disturb. Miami Florida drivers are so bad I need all my attention to drive to work at every night.. LOL
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