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SirusXM radio compatible with the head unit

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I just bought the 2018 c-hr and trying to get XM radio on it. they have there aha that is not good. I connected my phone and can play my MP3's and the XM app, it does display the song but cant change channels or forward/back. Installed the onyx radio with the aux cable and c-hr radio shows aux connected.
I did see some people are changing out the head unit, pioneer makes the unit.
let me know if anyone has figured this out.

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I wouldn't try changing out the head units. Aren't those things expensive to begin with?
I bought a Kenwood head unit and it works great, unit was about $500 plus install and parts.
Have XM and Android play, sound is much better. also added the maestro car interface and have all the steering wheel diags.
Sony has a little bit cheaper unit and is coming out with a new one.
happier with the car now.
And the Kenwood head unit fits perfectly into the C-HR? I've always assumed they cost quite a bit after finding out how much a factory unit would cost for one of my older cars.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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