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Signal Lights/ hazard lights stopped working

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So I bought this car 2 months ago and now I'm having this issue regarding on my "signal lights and hazard lights" not working all of a sudden. I took it to my dealership for the 2nd time since the first time I went there they couldn't find out the problem, but this time they have an "EDUCATED GUESS" that its maybe because of the cluster thing. Now the car is sitting in the dealership and waiting for the new "CLUSTER" from Japan and they said that it might took 2 weeks or so. Then once its installed all fingers crossed that it would work. I'm just wondering if anybody here is having the same issue. By the way I'm from Canada and I have a 2018 Toyota C-HR base model. I really wasn't hoping for this kind of issues as my 1st car. One thing for sure my next car wouldn't be Toyota.

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I swear cars these days were designed to have small problems like these crop up and it's not just limited to Toyota cars. Even Honda cars are having this problem.
At least they're giving you a free rental in the meantime?
Yes I do have a loaner (courtesy car) Toyota rav 4 2017 XLE. But I really hope they fix it for good so I dont have to come back and forth. What would you do If this was your car and after they installed the new cluster the problem still wouldn't go away?
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