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Side Skirts and Lifts

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Hey All,

I had a question and wanted to see if anyone was familiar with body kits, specifically the side skirts, and if there was any issues using lifts, etc.

With my FRS I had no issues lifting it to change the oil since they were attached to the side of the body. The Moedllista, however, is installed below the rocker panels and attached so a bit worried about the lift pushing the skirts up or simply bending them since they are plastic.

Appreciate any feedback.


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Oh never mind, I found what I needed for my lift.
Did you paint your brakes?
I did, rather the calipers, I just can't get away with having them unpainted. Heh
What side skirts are those? I'm looking for the same one but can't find the name!

Also looks like you have a JDM bumper. Where did you get that imported from? Looking to do front bumper swap as well..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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