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Side Mirror Trim

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It was only a matter of time until aftermarket trim pieces are sold and Japan seems to be ahead of the curve. no idea which company this is but it looks great.

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I like this a lot but not how they sell it, just straight up chrome isn't what I like, but tinting it to get a black chrome effect results in a nice subtle change from how CH-R's get delivered to us.

Any idea how much this will cost us?

From China. Costs about 22 $US through eBay.
Not for mirror with LED!

From Taiwan. Costs about 29 $US through eBay

There is already a whole list of chrome trims available in China.
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Looks stunning! Loving how the aftermarket for the C-HR is shaping already.
I can fill a topic of these chrome trims from China..
Just found this one for the mirrors :

Trim with chrome line. About 17 $US through ebay
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