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Setting Speed Display as Default

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My CHR (2018) was recently in for a repair to the puddle lights on mirrors.

Now every time I start the car I have to use the arrow keys to put the speed display back on. When first started up it now defaults to mpg used. Is there a quick fix to set the speed display back on permanently or will I have to go back to the dealer? Thanks.
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Hey bellchi! I have had this issue a couple of times... It seems to eventually fix itself... Not sure how but, I think after you toggle it to the mpg screen, it realizes that is where you want the default to be... It just seems to revert to the mpg screen after a few manual changes.
Had the same issue for a few months. Eventually had a flat battery one morning. Got it changed and the car went back to displaying speed on startup!
Hey guys and girls we have the same issue after a flat battery,, and cannot seem to figure out how to have it default to speed on start up, and it’s been 3 months now and it’s still on another screen, Hope someone can help thank you
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