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Hi 🖖,

I want to buy new tires for summer with tpms, I know that I need to register them, but when I do that my car will have registered all 8 sensors or only the new 4?

I'm asking because I'm curios if I need to register tires every time when i change them or I can just reset them from setting.

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You have to register the TPMS sensor every time you swap out for the new set of wheel/tires. It's maddening how Toyota does this. With my BMW, I can program the a new set of TPMS sensors within the iDrive system. Toyota requires any new TPMS sensor to be programmed in each time with a TPMS programmer.

Originally, I was going to do what you plan to do with a set of wheels/tires for winter and another set for the rest of the year. I was going to just skip the TPMS sensor for the winter set as I won't be driving on the tires for the vast majority of the year and ignore the TPMS warning light. I check my tire pressures pretty often. Since I got a set of Michelin Cross Climate 2 all season tires, I've dropped the idea of having a dedicated winter set as the Cross Climate 2s are very good in the snow.

I did buy a TPMS programmer for my scantool but unfortunately, the programmer doesn't seem to work very well. The company has released a version 2 which I think is indicative of how poorly my version 1 works.
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