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Hi everyone.

First of all, a big shout out to all of the wonderful Asians here on this site and in this great nation. We all make a difference!! I used to be the very proud owner of a 2019 CH-R and indeed loved it! I Test drove it, loved it....bought it! I knew it was not the fastest or most powerful vehicle in it's class and I was cool with it. I'd I wanted more power or any of that other stuff, I would have bought something else. My reason for not having it was because of trimming assets during di c orce proceedings.
I'm considering getting another one and I do remember one issue was the short distance of radio transmission of the remote key fob. Has anyone noticed this and what were your remedies of those? Dod you use another alarm system and extend your range? Just curious. Also, I never seen one come with a sun/moonroof. Has anyone ever bought one with one? There's one I saw that has one but I am suspect that it may be aftermarket and not installed correctly.

Thanks, Holla back at your boy here in Maryland!!

Love, peace and hair grease!!

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