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Hi Everyone,
First post from new owner of CHR.
Loving the car, although wished I'd paid more for the Koba ... but otherwise, very happy.

The 2019 stock HU is pretty good IMO. I like the split screen of the map and audio function. I like that it can read out your SMS messages from the phone to you. I like that you can find something on your phone then send it to the HU GPS.

What I don't like is not having a 2nd SD card slot for music. It seems the only way to get my music is through USB, which will stick out of the unit. But this alone is not enough for me to 'upgrade' to another unit.

My plan is to upgrade the whole audio system and keep the HU if I can. I would like to know if the unit has a line out to connect to an external amplifier?

I understand the speakers are riverted into the doors so will need to be drilled out then have adapters. The ones in the doors are 6 1/2"? What about the ones on the dash, what size are they?

Thanks in advanced.

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If there are no line outs which I'm pretty sure there are not, you can use a speaker level to line level converter. It takes the output for the speakers from the head unit and then converts it to a line level signal to feed an amp.
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