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Quick C-HR Configurator

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The UK build page for the C-HR looks to be up and running so you can start playing around with the paints and options.
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Lol the only thing that can really be changed is the paint.. there's no other wheel options or interior color options or anything.
It does give you the price of the Tech packs for both the hybrid and normal variants and the feature they come with. They don't really have many options for the C-HR but maybe this isn't the final configurator?
For the most part these are just to get us to place deposits while waiting for more information to be dropped. Fun, but it gets old real quick. Hopefully we'll have more to work with in the mean time. Anyone inquire about deposits as yet?
Not as of yet unfortunately. Probably get around to it sometime this week... hopefully.

But I'm pretty sure this isn't the final configurator. Just something to satisfy people and get them interacting thus building the interest.
At the very least, we can look at the colors available and that's one less feature to decide on later. I hope we won't be seeing additional charges for paint options. Everything but pure white costs extra...
That's really weird too.. why is there only one standard colour... the pearls are £250 more than every other colour that isn't white. The regular colours are £545 extra.. nonsense.
I know automakers are always trying to sell you extra features and special paints, but black and grey? Those are generally free options alongside white.
It sometimes depends on the process involved and when it involves more than the usual then they bill us extra for it if that's exactly what we want. Many reasons or possible reasons for charging extra.
I'm sure there are many reasons that equate to their cost thus the relevance but.. I don't think I've ever seen just one standard colour option. I really can't think of another manufacturer that has done that.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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