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Picked it up

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Picked my Blizzard Pearl Premium up three days ago. Had to part with my 07 FJ Cruiser that I had for 11 years. The C-HR is great. The MPG is even better.
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Welcome! I always liked the FJ's just didn't like the back doors or the mpg.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new C-HR! You may want to change your username. :D
I'm sure you got quite a bit for your FJ Cruiser with how popular they are these days.
Nice change from the FJ but I bet you will miss all the torque and power the FJ had.
Do you see yourself going back to an FJ in the future or at least some higher performing Toyota SUV?
Congrats on the new CH-R and welcome to the community. Never easy to part with a car you've had for that long but I'm sure you'll welcome the improved technology and efficiency of your new Toyota. Did you trade in your FJ towards the CH-R? I know that model really holds its value.
Sorry for the late response. I've been out of town. Yes, I traded in the FJ and they gave me just under 50% of what I paid for it. It sure held its value. don't really miss the power as of yet but am really in love with the gas mileage.
Welcome :)

I half wished I chose your color, then any mods would pop out a lot more!
After eleven years of the Fusion Yellow on the FJ I was ready to tone it down a little
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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