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Passenger Side Mirror LOGO projector light

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Hey guys, this is a small thing but does anyone else have the spattered effect when the passenger side mirror projects the logo on the ground when you unlock the car? My drivers side mirror shows a great logo on the ground but not the passenger mirror. I know this is a small thing, but I saw a thread about this on the UK forum about this also.
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I could not get into the housing and I dont feel like bringing mine into the dealer until they have a fix, so I just put a round black sticker over each projector so that I dont have to see the light for now.
I don't think Toyota has released a proper fix for this issue yet, and most owners seem to think its moisture getting inside the mirrors. Some we're able to have it fixed with a mirror replacement, but that seems quite unnecessary for the problem.
You made me go check mine out since I never get in the passenger side of the vehicle lol. Had it in the garage and locked it and unlocked it and they both work like they should. Not sure what would make it look wrong? Hope you can get it fixed easily.
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