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Not Many Toyota C-HR Complaints From Carbuyer

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Toyota’s newest crossover is a surprisingly good car and the main complaint James Batchelor has of it is the C-HR’s poor rear visibility. If that’s the worse feature he could comment on in a seven minute review, then the rest of the car must be pretty good.

As with most Toyota vehicles, we can expect a certain level of reliability and sturdiness from the C-HR but unlike its more vanilla looking brethren, the coupe high rider has a more daring design. Since the vehicle was designed with Europeans in mind, extra thought was put into the exterior and interior.

Batchelor calls it “funky” and for good reason. Carried throughout the interior is a diamond pattern that can be found on the doors, seat upholstery, switch gear, head lining and in the front cabin lights. A strip of blue spans the length of the dash and it can even be found on the doors. Quality was not left by the roadside as there are plenty of soft touch plastics in the cabin along with copious amounts of storage space.

One of the few complaints he did have was of the dark rear passenger area thanks to the black roof lining and small window, it could feel a bit claustrophobic. But that could be down to personal preference. Another was of the poor rear visibility, but Toyota has thought of that and included a standard parking camera with every trim.

Add on a decent sized boot, spacious rear seats, a 1.2-liter petrol model that is a lot of fun to drive, and you have a surprising good car.

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The only drawback I think anyone has seen is just the rear visibility. Considering that's about it, I don't think I'm gonna have a problem with it. That being said... I don't "think", I won't entirely know until I get in one and take it for a test drive.
The rear may be dark, but you're not going to notice it as the driver or front passenger and it's a fair trade for the nice exterior lines. It's all down to personal preference and compromises you're willing to make. I actually have no complaints with the C-HR's design, but I'll have to test drive one first to feel how it performs.
You either hate the C-HR or you love it. That seems to be Toyota's design language recently and the Prius is one such example. I personally hate the new Prius but there are loads of people out there who are enamored with the design. Same with the upcoming C-HR. I think it's perfect, limited rear view and all. I'll just lower the rear seats for better visibility if needed and call it a day.
Well, that's exactly what Hiroyuki Koba said. I'm not too sure if the direct rear visibility is going to be an issue opposed to the blind spot areas because of how high the rear door panels reach up with the door handle at the top.
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