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Not Enough Features

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:crying: I am so bummed out. I saw the Toyota C-HR and instantly fell in love. I thought that the interior would be as sci-fi and cutting edge as the exterior, and to my shock it is quite basic. I don't know if the interior could get more boring. This car is just body. My cousin just purchased the Lexus NX hybrid; I love the interior features, but I'm not crazy about the exterior. If Toyota could match (or exceed) the amazing interior features in the Lexus NX, I would be the most mind blowing car on the road (in my price point, anyway). My dream version is a white body with a black roof (why a black roof is not a body option is beyond me) and black rims; a navigation system--even better, a touch screen similar (or better) than the Lexus Enform with its concierge like connect technology; and a good amount of seat and dash color combinations. UGH :frown2: I really wanted this car.
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Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately I don't think Toyota would ever make the interior as nice as the NX but perhaps you could make a series of your own changes? Look at it as a blank canvas ;)
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