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Noises when putting car in drive/reverse?

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New to cars in general but wanted to ask, is it normal for the CHR to make a wind up noise when putting the car in drive and reverse? The car also makes a winding down noise when put in park. This could be normal but wanted to be sure.

XLE US model
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Hey Mtd1997! I had the same worries when I received my C-HR. It's no biggie. Just the sound of the EPB (electronic parking brake) engaging /disengaging.
Great! Thanks so much DrZeus!!
Yeah it's the electronic parking brake, it spooked me too at first :). At first though, I was thinking that this noise was generated by the electric motor as my CHR is 2.0 petrol hybrid version. That gave me comfort until once I realized that the car wasn't started and that sound was still clearly heard. That gave me some panic as I got the car brand new from the dealership. I thought it was a factory defect and that they would replace my car with a new one. The idea of this happening I didn't like as I would have had to wait. So, I contacted a friend from Scrap My Car In Edinburgh For the Best who is also a mechanic and he sorted it all out for me.
Stay safe!
Oh, this thread is so old 😅. Nevermind, I got so much information and good advice from old threads, hope this one helps someone too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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