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Newbie from Western Australia

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Hello from Western Australia. 2018 Hornet Yellow AWD, 17" Matte Black Toyota wheels. Non Koba Model as I am not a fan of all the plastic add-on bits. I think the styling and appearance of this little SUV is stunning. Not very many on the road over here and people are constantly staring at it. Pretty Impressed so far. New Bigger wheel package coming for our Anniversary as this is my wife's car. She is as pleased as punch and is enjoying all the attention from her work colleagues.:wink2:
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Welcome to the forum!

Koba? new vocabulary here. AWD? what the heck so unfair :(
Their Koba is similar to what our Limited will be from what I can see. I think the plastic bits he was talking about will be new to us in the form of the piano black trim in the limited that will also be on the interior window switch plates and center console area. Its the same trim as what is current around the a/c controls and on steering wheel.
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