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Purchased in first week of April 2022, straight over from Japan. (To USA)

Already added OEM roof rack that I painted black.

Loving the car so far.
Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Car

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Sky Steering part

Wish the front emblem badge was also blacked out. But what you going to do? If anyone has any suggestions on how I can achieve that without forking up the tech inside, I'm all eyes. Come from a long line of mechanics of men that put tech before their families, can channel that for a hot minute. ;)

MOD Punchlist:
  1. Back bumper with dual exhaust. Not looking for Star Wars-looking designs, I like to skate the line between simple design/lines and sportiness.
  2. Less boring taillights. Prefer a plug and play solution. Not into heavy rewiring in my old age.
  3. Interior LED accent lighting. Already in the works, trying to make this happen: Battery Powered Rhythm Light Bar, HUEMIHUI 32 Bit RGB LED Sound Control Pickup Rhythm Lights with APP Control, USB Rechargeable Voice Activated Atmosphere Light for Gaming Car PC TV DJ Studio(2 Packs) : Tools & Home Improvement
  4. Extend USB options. One USB port Toyota, in 2022? To car that's targeted to GenZ? Really?
    I picked this up: Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum Mini USB 3.0 Hub [90°/180° Degree Rotatable] (HB-R3MB) : Everything Else
    Yes, I know, I know, this is USB 3.0, and the SINGLE USB port in the car is 2.0. We'll all survive this, I promise.
  5. Rear spoiler/taillight combo. Don't think this car needs anymore major drag force, the top "wing" looks dandy enough, but the lower trunk spoiler could use a little love. It feels wrong, like if I were to give my GF only one side of her body attention. The guilt man, the guilt.
  6. A better attitude on the road, so I'm not the living embodiment of a midlife crisis on legs. Hmmm, on second thought, probably too late.
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