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New here..

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dutCH-R is coming from Holland and new here!

No C-HR yet but still busy to get the ´i want that!´ list complete.
Engine, style and accessoiries are getting more and more complete.
I dont want to drive anything that can be found 1:1 elsewhere!

It will be my daily driver for long time so gave myself a few monthts to prepare. List is getting longer weekly.. :laugh:

Will start a project topic when im into ordering one.
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Welcome to the forums, glad to have yah! Have you thought about colours yet at least?
Yes color will be metalstream grey with black roof. Most sold color i think.. but the C-HR looks best in it.
Welcome to the forum! Choosing what features you want to add is the hard part since there are so many options. Which trim are you going for?
True, always too many options that we want. For now i will go for the one above the Premium here called ´bi-tone plus´.
Still have to wait few months before i can order. Thats the hard part.
The fun part is that there is enough time to find the right accessories for it.
Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to see some pictures, when you get your C-HR ;)
Haha leuke naam man, succes met de bi-tone keuze zal foto's nog wel zien zeker hier ;-)
Dank je. Foto´s gaan zeker komen.
Thanx, pics will come for sure.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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