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New C-HR owner from Québec CA

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Hello everyone I got my blue eclipse C-HR on December 2017 after 5 years driving a Corolla and I'm really satisfied with it. But, my only question is why the premium US model comes with the fog lights and middle rear bumper reflector and the Canadian owners have to pay for it.
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Glad to have a new member on the forum.
Congrats on the CH-R!
You aren't the first person to notice the slight differences between the U.S and Canadian models. It seems in the U.S early models were missing the reflectors as well, but most owners received a recall to have them installed. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before that happens in Canada, and you should let your dealer know.
Toyota has always been weird like this. I remember with the NX it was a similar situation. They gave Canadians an ugly front bumper and Americans got a bumper like what they should have got all along.
So, continuing the outrageous disparate of price between Canada and US. I was checking how much will it cost me to install the fog lights here in Canada (because it is just a accessory for both trims) I decided to compare the price between the two countries. The firs picture is the fog lights price in CA and other in US.


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I've contacted the nearest Toyota dealer to my city in US soil (one hour trip) and they answered that: "Thank You for your inquiry about fog lights. We can get fog lights for your C-HR.. It would take only a day to get them in stock.. Then we can get you scheduled in to get them installed.. The total for parts, labor, and tax would be $383.40..
Just let me know if this is something you would like to do.."

So I am really considering to get that deal.
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