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I bought these AM LED lights for my 2022 Nightshade: (Already installed, function/look marvelous)

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Motorcycle helmet Helmet

...And these LED reflectors: (Already into position. but not yet wired)

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Automotive lighting

...But I'm unsure how to wire these with my AM lights? Below is the wiring from each LED reflector.

Road surface Plant Wood Asphalt Twig

Any tips of links would be very helpful. I still have the car dissembled to expose the wiring on the back of both AM taillights waiting hopeful guidance. YouTube is coming up short for me. I don't want to quick splice in the wrong area, possibly short my electrical system in the process and do irreversible damage to the AM lights wiring. Of course, these products don't come with any sort of reliable instructions, which is another issue altogether.
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