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Ok, here goes. I really miss having a little drawer to put lose change in. My previous cars (Camry & Accord) both had this.

There is no compartment for sunglasses (as was in my Camry)

I hate that there is no auto release for the trunk. Manual sucks when you are short. Would have been nice if it opened automatically when you hit a button inside.

I hate that the Audio system is geared for Iphone and not Android. Must be a special deal between Toyota and Apple. All Toyotas are not this way. It would have been nice to be able to choose Alexa over Siri. Would have been nice to be able to download Google maps.

I hate that you can't let the engine run to warm it up inside while having the doors locked. I had to purchase a remote start in order to be able to let my car warm up without being inside it. ($450) because Toyota doesn't offer this add on. They lined up an outside vendor to come to the dealership to install this for me. This I was told because it has the push button starter.

Also the range for the remote door lock/unlock is very short! So the range for the new remote start is short too. The only way to start my car from my front door is to hold it under my chin.. lol (a hack I found on youtube).

But.. I love my car! It is fun to drive. There are not many on the road. It is like a hidden treasure. Toyota never advertises it on TV. Mine is the LXE.. Red with the black top! Very sharp and sporty looking! :grin2:
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