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Hi, I am Sharon and I live in Western NC. This is the first brand new car I have ever had. I am a widow of 4 years and planning to retire soon.
I am loving my new 2019 CHR XLE. I have had it 5 months. I find that it is not advertised very much so I have strangers coming up to me asking about the car. IT IS REALLY EYE-CATCHING! My car really stands out because of it being red with black top.
I am finding it a bit quirky with some things but overall I LOVE IT! Not sure whether to address the quirky issue here or not... but I wish it had the little drawer for lose change (I miss that from having a Camry). I wish you could "pop the trunk" from inside. I am short and I struggle to open and close it. Also discovered there was no way to let my car run with the doors locked in the winter to warm it up because of the push button starter, so I had to pay an outside company (lined up through Toyota Dealer) to install remote start. Then discovered the range for the remote was very weak and I have to be almost on the car before the remote works. That was a bummer too! $450 to have remote start installed because Toyota doesn't offer it as an add-on for the CHR. Also hate that the audio system can't have google maps downloaded to it and be able to use Alexa. It is all geared towards iphone! I guess Toyota has a big contract with Apple........??
Other than these things I am learning to live with ...I REALLY LOVE MY CAR! :grin2:
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