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Multimedia system addons

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I live in Israel and I got my CH-R with a the basic multimedia system (without a GPS)

I was wondering if someone succeeded to add an android system to the existing multimedia system or to add on the GPS.

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Welcome to the forums and congratulations on getting a C-HR. Adding on something like that is definitely beyond my tech capabilities so unfortunately, I would be of no help at all :(
Not sure if Toyota will offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto anytime soon since they don't want to their infotainment systems controlled by Apple and Alphabet / Google.

As for doing it yourself and essentially hacking the system, there really is no way to do that right now. At least not as far as I know.
I too was wondering if the basic head unit could be upgraded with NAV and better audio performance. Has anyone done this? If so how please. Thanks in advance.
Maybe the Toyota Touch 2 system is called something else outside of Europe. But it seems like the Drivelink option only works with certain phones and may not be compatible with newer devices.
I've seen that the Drivelink works with Androids through the Playstore but with iTunes it says "Toyota Link"

Is there a difference?
Here in the US, we don't even have an option for Navigation on the latest 2018 C-HR. The radio is pretty simple and no apps other than the "AHA" app are loaded in the radio. I do wish they would have at least allow for Android and apple integration.
yes, thats the only thimg i dont like of my car, the radio is too simple, like my old 2015 corolla. ame API.
Hello people,

It is possible to install in the touch&go 2 an application for ambient sound (like a equalizer : rock / pop / classic ..... ) because the sound is poor !! :(
Hey Guys,
I have imported 2017 CHR from Japan, so the multimedia unit is in Japanese, even changing the language back to English didn't help me a lot. Im thinking of upgrading the multimedia unit but I have 2 concerns.
1. If Im installing a new android unit typically imported from AliExpress or Ebay, would it be fine with the existing electronic functionalities like reverse Camara(this should be fine), door open indicator such as other information data?
2. Better to install same Toyota new system where the CarPlay or Android Auto support? if so where can I buy those?

I really appreciate your ideas.
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