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Modellista Body Kit Toyota C-HR

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Well.. I think I was talking about this in another thread with someone but so it begins ! I present the Toyota C-HR Modellista body kit. There is a Boost Impulse Style kit that's inserts and not complete full body panels and there is a Elegant Ice Style kit as well.

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I like everything but the front spoiler. The corner lights are a nice touch, but it makes the already large lower grille look even bigger.
I'm guessing the aftermarket company is modellista? I'd be interested in purchasing some of those parts on a piece by piece basis instead of the whole kit. I don't really need things like a muffler cutter.
Yup Modellista is the company name from Japan. They produce quite the amount of body kits that I've seen for Toyota/Lexus applications.
Don't like how it looks at all since what i'm more into are cleaner designs.
One example is the upper front bumper of this TRD CH-R:

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Yea, the Modellista front grille garnish is too much for an already busy bumper. The pure black piece tones it down a bit. Maybe if the garnish came in black instead of silver, it'll fit in better with the front.
I do prefer the modellista front lip spoilers though. Very simple but aggressive looking.
With how similar these kits are, it'll be easy to swap in parts from both and create your ideal kit and it'll still flow beautifully.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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