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Maintenance question

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When doing the paperwork for the purchase, the finance guy told me that if Toyota did not do the maintenance that the warranty would be void. I told him I had never heard such a thing but he insisted. The manual says Toyota does not have too. U guys here such?
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Mine says as long as I document everything, follow the instructions in the manual, WITH the receipts, it should be okay?
Didn't your car purchase include ToyotaCare program? It includes normal factory scheduled service for 2 years or 25,000 miles.

Maybe ask another Toyota dealership about it if you're unsure. Seems sketchy if two dealerships have varying answers and this is the first I've hard it cars needing to be brought to a brand dealership only.
Car dealers have been trying to insinuate this requirement for ever. My experience tells me its BS. Unless there is some apparent negligence on the part of the car owner, the dealer will support the warranty. The fact is that most often if there is a failure for other than due to negligence, many if not all owners are experiencing the same failure. Getting the dealer/manufacturer to admit it may take some time and pressure though. Toyota is one of the better Companies in this regard in my opinion. An example is an experience I had with a Subaru I once owned (never again). The head gasket began leaking coolant into the cylinders. Subaru wanted over 3k to fix and swore they never heard of such an issue before....liars! Every private shop in town would tell you they had done lots of work on this common failure. I can accept less than perfection in an auto purchase but not outright lies to my face.
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BS. Asked my dealer when purchased. You can do it yourself , but if you do it wrong then your screwed. Keep records and recoepts. And when installing an oil filter write the date and milage on it with a sharpee or paint pen. That way incase it goes in for other work like recall etc, then they would note it. Also get the oil change interval window stickers from an auto parts store and keep them up to date. Write everything down in your service booklet too.
At least not in the US.
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents a dealer from voiding your warranty if you have regular service performed by someone other than the dealer.
But, as AdamTurbo stated, it's got to be done correctly. If something's done wrong and it damages the vehicle, they can refuse to cover that under warranty.
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