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Lowering wheel gap?

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So I have RS-R lowering springs currently installed with the stock wheels and tires. I was wondering if it's possible to lower the wheel gap some more with a 19" wheel or will that make my wheel gap larger than I have now? I don't want a heavy flush look, just something to reduce wheel gap and not compensate ride comfort and not have to deal with rubbing as well.
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I had the rsr springs lowers it well to cover gap but I was a bouncy ride swapped them out for megan Coilover kit and the I have it very low and the ride comfort amazing better than stock and I have 22" wheels on my chr #enzomotoring see more pics on Instagram


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Doesn't having larger wheels and larger wheel diameter than stock mess up your odometer reading along with making the vehicle slower?
Yeah that's the kind of look I'm looking for too. It looks like coilovers is the way to go.
HI Enzomotoring .. can you please tell me the full specs of the wheels including offset? Thanks!
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