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Hey Everyone!

A couple weeks ago i hit something (still have no idea what it was).
The object ripped through my tire and took a chunk out of my rim.
18" Aluminium.
P/N: 42611-F4040

I can still get the bead on the new tire, but if there is someone who is willing to provide me with one for cheaper than what Dealer/aftermarket companies are offering (I'll pay for shipping of course) then that would be amazing!

Looking for Under $250, and in good condition. No curb rash or scratches.

Thank you!

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Not sure if you replaced it, but Tire Rack has the exact wheel for $184.86

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Thanks for the link. Been looking around for factory wheel options since I have the steel wheels with hub caps for my LE. I also like this option as I can get the wheels in 17" as that's my preferred size so I can maintain the stock tire size. Not interested in paying more for the 225/50s. Now I can have a summer tire set and a winter tire set.
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