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Since the C-HR here in the States has a CVT, I found a good video that has some good tips on how to make it last longer (I hope).
It may be in regard to Subaru vehicles, but it has some good points about what to do and not what to do with a CVT.

1. Do NOT "Launch" the car - 2018 C-HR does NOT have the newer transmission than the 2019 and newer with the new "launch" gear!!!
2. Warm up the CVT before you push it
3. Stop the vehicle before changing directions. IE - when backing up, abruptly changing to drive without coming to a complete stop.
4. Do not "lug" the engine when in "manual" mode (the + and - that is on the side of D)
5. Change the transmission fluid - regardless of "lifetime" fluids

How to Protect a CVT Transmission: 5 Practical Tips So Your CVT Lasts | Part 2 |
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