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JBL Audio System - Ireland

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Good afternoon all,

Hopefully ordering a ch-r sol hybrid thos week but looking for some advice.....i don't see the jbl audio system listed as an extra on the toyota Ireland site, is it still possible to get??
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I suppose some things could differ from country to country, I don't even see it on the U.S. site...
I've been finding it extremely difficult to find any information in terms of the CH-R's stock infotainment/ sound system. A couple members on here have already converted to aftermarket systems, but that was more due to a lack of Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay features on the stock set up. I remember seeing the advertisements for the JBL sound package, but I haven't seen any owners who were able to include it in their package.
I have asked toyota Ireland and that have told me to ask my local dealer.....not the best service! So I have asked the dealer and I'm waiting for a reply....
I have a 2018 model, I don't have any problems with either apple or android on my system. Toyota has this AHA app, it really sux,
My JBL system came with C-ult edition. (Belgium)
Seems to be something you'll have to get ordered on a dealer level. Lets hope its something available across multiple regions, as you would think it would be selectable on their website. What was the additional cost in getting the JBL system?
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Hmm, interesting, thanks for posting. Not sure why that option isn't included on the American site. Guess we'll have to talk to a rep to find out more about getting this feature on the car. Anyone in NA have luck getting this option on the CH-R?
Man I wish they offered that system here in the US.
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